Blog: Street Photography Workshop


By Gary Fong
Photographer: Sherrlyn Borkgren
Figure 1
Every once in a while a workshop comes along that catches my eye.  And then I find out it’s being offered by a photographer who has not only “been around the block”, but has been around the world, more than a few times…sometimes in parts that no sane person would dare to travel…like war zones.

Gauntlet: Be Aware of Cool Shade


By Gary Fong
Figure 1 - BeforeFigure 2 - After
To the eye, white is white. To the camera, white is yellow under tungsten, green under florescent light, and blue under in open shade with camera settings on daylight.

Attaining Good Skin Tones with Digital Cameras, Part 2 by Stanley Leary


by Stanley Leary

Figure 6
How do you know if your color is off?