Blog: Tornados, Global Warming & Photographers


By Layne Kennedy, laynekennedy.blogspon.com
Figure 1
A tornado touches down May 19th, 2013 near Elmore, Kansas
As a young photographer, something Ansel Adams did as a photographer first, conservationist second, had a profound impact on how I view our medium. It stuck to me like a view camera on a tripod.

Attaining Good Skin Tones with Digital Cameras, Part 3


by Stanley Leary

Figure 14
My favorite way for getting a custom white balance is using my ExpoDisc.

Gauntlet: Flat Looking Pie

by Gary Fong
Photographer: Andrew Smith, www.visualrealia.com

Shoofly Pie 

How can anyone have two planes of focus in one image? What is physically impossible opens up speculation that Photoshop imagineers applied their creative layers to a simple pie shoot.