Your Camera Choice Does Make A Difference by Stanley Leary


by Stanley Leary


Figure 1
While on our cruise through the Caribbean we did some ice skating on the cruise ship. The first time we went I took my point and shoot and got some photos.
As you can see in the photo above I got a decent photo of my lovely wife Dorie.  I didn't want to use flash so you could see the ice rink.

Gauntlet: Photographer in Transition


by Gary Fong
Photographer: Rachel Owens, www.rachelowensphotography.com
Figure 1Figure 2
Young photographers seeking to know more about photography always touch my heart. Before I get myself in trouble, it’s not limited to the young…but knowledge seekers can also be inquisitive youthful thinkers encased in old bodies.

Photographers: Diskwarrior and Reimage Keeps Your PC or Mac Like New


by Stanley Leary

I want to help you fix all those quirks that eventually will happen with any computer.  Here are my two recommendations, as must haves for your computer.
Both of these software solutions are helping you with your operating system.