Gauntlet: Ghost Town Alcatraz

By Gary Fong

Photographer: Tanya Shafer

Figure 1
Ghost towns, or in this case, ghost prisons images of Alcatraz, lend themselves to a lot of mystical visual metaphors. Capturing the architecture of former centers of activities is one way to approach coverage, but recording the “mystic” requires more than a “mystic filter”.

Blog: Are Foursquare Photos Really Food Photography?

 By: Stephen Terlizzi


Figure 1


To post the food or not? That is the question.

It only takes a few minutes to organize the food, get out your smartphone, apply some filters and upload to Foursquare (and automatically to Twitter and Facebook). In an instant, your macaroons and espresso from Chantal Guillon in Palo Alto, CA are preserved for posterity. Makes you want to travel there now, right?

Unfortunately, my grab shot hardly qualifies for great food photography. So why do people take shots? Certainly, some restaurants and shops wouldn't be happy with the less than attractive presentation of their food.

Gauntlet: Action Is Not Only On The Field

By Gary Fong
Photographer: Octavio Jones
Figure 1
In the Speed Graphic 4x5 days, a sports editor asked a photographer to shoot the start AND finish of the world’s fastest athlete running the 50 yard dash. As many people can appreciate, old time photographers had to be fast, very very fast.