Blog: Michael McAreavy - Horizon Image Group


Michael McAreavy
6 July 2009

Interview by Gary Geschwind
Photos by Michael McAreavy


Figure 1

Blog: Great Light, Great Photographs

Gary Crabbe
19 June 2009

Interview by Gary Geschwind
Photos by Gary Crabbe


What is your field of photography?
Scenic landscapes and travel photography for the editorial and commercial marketplace, along with the sale of image as prints for private or corporate art décor.

Blog: Urban Landscapes

Gary Geschwind
5 June 2009

Figure 1. The Louvre, from the Inside, Looking Out

Having grown up in New York City, I‘m definitely a city person. I enjoy the interesting mix of people, their activities, and the architecture of the city where they roam. It is an amazing environment for photography. 

Paris is one of my favorite stalking grounds. For a beautiful urban landscape, one cannot go wrong in choosing Paris. The architecture and people have created vignettes on life that have sparked the imagination and creativity of artists and photographers for centuries.