A Private Moment

A Private Moment

Gauntlet: The Good, the Bad, and the Average


by Gary Fong
Photographer: Nick Layman

A great picture to some, a good picture to others…and an average picture to contest judges. At first glance, Nick Layman’s photo of Albuquerque Isotopes infielder, Josh Wilson, tiptoe action play to first base looks like a defining moment of the game. Great off balance frozen action, good facial expression, ball in the frame, a hint of flying turf, and tack sharp…. Great picture!
When covering baseball, Layman uses two cameras with long and super long zoom lenses. Before the game, he spends time figuring out his coverage strategy. He’ll concentrate on the infield. As the game progresses, he may do a changeup in a few innings. But he’s always on the alert for that one action play anywhere it decides to happen on and off the field.   But at second glance...

Lesson from the Scene: Tips When Hiring a Photographer

by Stanley Leary

Your results from any photo shoot can be usually measured in how much preparation was done before the shoot.