Lesson from the Shot: Vacation Photo Tips

Failure to use a flash outside is one of the biggest mistakes many people make with their vacation photos … with any photos. Surprisingly, pictures of people at the beach are prime candidates for flash.  It’s usually so bright that the only way for your subjects not to squint is to be sure the sun is behind them.  Unfortunately this creates dark shadows on their faces.

Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods

I had the good fortune to follow Tiger Woods behind the ropes for three days at the Accenture Golf Tournament in Tucson last year.  To watch him through the lens is a wonder.  If you ever get a chance to see him in person do it.  You will be amazed.

Blog: Interview with Ezra Cattan, Urban Image Maker

by Gary Geschwind

What is your field of photography?
Predominantly documentary, but also architectural and editorial. I work specifically with clients and on projects that relate to urban issues and infrastructure. While I’m often approached for a particular aesthetic, there is also a practical side to the type of work I do…for example, architectural resource surveys.