Blog: Flashtube Malfunction, Don’t Let It Slow You Down


By Andy Shafer, www.PremierDesign7.com
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Food photograph…it’s what I do. In a recent assignment, I was at the clients location ready to fire up the soft-box and get started….with a small surprise, no flash.

Blog: Lens Conversions, Easier Said Than Done

By Gary Fong
Photographer: Roy Niswanger, www.motleypixel.com
Figure 1
On a dark and stormy day, I asked Roy Niswanger what he did to his optical formula when converting a Minolta lens to a digital Canon body.  His “photographic lens over exuberance” answer follows:

Gauntlet: Avoid Tunnel Vision

By Gary Fong
Photographer:  Dave Bartruff, http://davebartruff.com
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Picture editors notice the little things when editing a shoot.  It may be the nuance of the coverage, the style of the photographer, or the technical defects.