Blog: Are Foursquare Photos Really Food Photography?

 By: Stephen Terlizzi


Figure 1


To post the food or not? That is the question.

It only takes a few minutes to organize the food, get out your smartphone, apply some filters and upload to Foursquare (and automatically to Twitter and Facebook). In an instant, your macaroons and espresso from Chantal Guillon in Palo Alto, CA are preserved for posterity. Makes you want to travel there now, right?

Unfortunately, my grab shot hardly qualifies for great food photography. So why do people take shots? Certainly, some restaurants and shops wouldn't be happy with the less than attractive presentation of their food.

Why post? Because food is social. It brings people together whether in person or over the Internet. And photography has become a social means of communication. People communicate with grab shots that have a lifespan of about a New York minute.

Our photos of food on Foursquare aren't food photography in its truest sense; they are social photography.