Sutro Tower Photo Contest

 By Gary Fong

Figure 1
Sutro Tower is celebrating its 40th Anniversary with a photo contest, in search of the best image of Sutro Tower from folks like you, who appreciate very very tall structures, among other delights of life.
The iconic three spires of Sutro Tower are the highest points in San Francisco, and the heart of Bay Area communications. It deservers its own photo contest, so says Dave Hyams, noted TV transmission tower aficionado.
The prize is a 20-inch-high model of Sutro Tower. The contest is open to everyone, TV transmission tower aficionados and non-TV transmission tower aficionados alike.
Simply post your image to the Sutro Tower facebook page at  Photos could be of Sutro Tower during sunset, sunrise, fog, on a clear day, with nightlights, with St. Nick and reindeer flying by…anything that you really like…you may submit for the contest.
The deadline is July 3….but more info could be found at Winners will be announced on July 4 at Good luck and have fun!