The Shop

The Shop is the final step to great photography and requires experience and skilled judgment. The photographer must decide the degree of post-processing that is done in the digital darkroom and balance the desire for enhancement and corrections against the integrity of the photograph. Three major components make up the working in the shop:

Fixing the defects – The photographer needs use the digital darkroom to repair any imperfections in the photograph. This includes fixing rotational issues and distortions, cropping the photo, reducing white balance and exposure issues, sharpening the photo, etc.

Enhancing the photograph – The photographer may or may not enhance the photograph depending on the need for photographic integrity. This includes reducing color issues, removing unwanted components from the photograph, dodging and burning sections of the photograph, and using filters. Flexible use of masks and layers combined with exposure and color modifications using tools like the curves tool can significantly change the photograph.

Preparing for output – The photographer needs to consider the output mechanism for the photograph. This is not only the actual size of the photograph from a physical and digital standpoint, but also the type of output. Using a proper color management system is necessary to ensure that the colors in the photograph will be displayed properly, given the specific output medium.


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