The Shot

The Shot is the next step to great photography and it needs to be completely instinctual. The photographer will not have the time when shooting to think through this stage; otherwise, the decisive moment may pass. Three major components make up the taking of the shot:

Picking the right equipment – Having the correct equipment for a given shot is critical to the technical excellence of the photograph. The photographer needs to make the proper lens and lighting selection for the scene and the desired effect.

Managing the technical elements of the shot – While a photographer could keep their DSLR on auto settings and let the camera do the work, the photographer will always be making a compromise. Managing the focus, color and exposure through the proper settings of the big five -- focus, ISO setting, shutter speed, aperture and white balance -- is the key to great photography. While there may be multiple technically-correct settings to get picture, there may be only one artistically-great setting to make a photograph.

Capturing the decisive moment – The photographer needs to be ready to recognize and shoot the decisive moment. Knowing the ordinary from the extraordinary and when to push the shutter button separates the good from the great. Everything is preparation for this crucial decision.


Lessons from the Shot


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