Blog: Street Photography Workshop


By Gary Fong
Photographer: Sherrlyn Borkgren
Figure 1
Every once in a while a workshop comes along that catches my eye.  And then I find out it’s being offered by a photographer who has not only “been around the block”, but has been around the world, more than a few times…sometimes in parts that no sane person would dare to travel…like war zones.
I like to describe Sherrlyn Borkgren as a “War and Wedding” photographer.  But that doesn’t do her justice for the insightful coverage she does wherever she ventures around the globe….not to mention in her own backyard. 
She’s putting together a workshop about street photography. It’s for those who love to people watch, find something special in the everyday, or just like to explore the neighborhood through the lens of optimism.
Sherrlyn is calling her workshop STREET PHOTOGRAPHY: Capturing the Heartbeat.  I guess it’s a nice title for the gathering…but I’d like to think it’s more about Sherrlyn Borkgren shows you how to see pictures what most photographers fail to recognize.  But I can’t put that in a short headline.
The workshop is offering one scholarship, to which anyone can apply.  Simply write a paragraph about “anything” and email it to for consideration.  There will be one chosen among the hundreds submitted….so check your spelling.
The vitals on the workshop are:
July 14, 2013, 11am to 7pm
At Gallery 114
1100 NW Glisan St.
Portland, Oregon
Tuition $200
Class Size limited to 14
Contact: (503) 309-7033 or
Come one, come all (up to 14 that is)…there’s free air to breath and a ton of photos to watch.